Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Nation's in a state.

Dear Mr President

Satirists have sketched you in the shower. The 1st-Lady is just one of five. You've jiggled & jived with the maidens of the Reed. Your views on personal hygiene have amused, then shamed us. Much has been said about your lack of formal education. None of these things are important. What you do as a human being and as a man is your business and a right entrenched within our laws. We know the press lives for drama and sensationalism sells the news.

The term Your Excellency and the respect South Africans have for the highest office of the land is not a confirmation of your coronation. You are not our king and you are not a god but you are, in fact and like it or not, the duly elected highest official of this land. The burden of that office lies with you. Why have you forsaken your responsibilities?

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