Friday, 9 September 2011

Investec - still at the back of the class

Some listed companies develop a personality on a stock-exchange. These perform or under-perform their peers depending on current economic conditions.

South Africa's zebra-striped Investec is the epitome of personality. You might have seen their advertisements at any mainstream sporting-ground.. Amusingly, anybody who knows the company well can attest to its reputation in the marketplace. Like the consummate host in the executive-suite at the world-cup final, guests/clients are wowed, lulled and entertained. Only the very best facilities a must.. Food & drink is free, the atmosphere's vibrant and the staff pretty.. Guests / clients drunk on fun go home thoroughly satiated. Ask the guest/client the next day who won the game and they probably wouldn't know the answer..

In the School of Investment you would probably decline any homework-help from the kid at the back of the class but you would, no doubt, invite him to your party. He's a lot of fun.

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